Monday, April 29, 2013

Khyrll Car Rentals aims to make its

Khyrll Car Rentals aims to make its community-related environmental activities self-sustaining by integrating these initiatives with the Company’s poverty reduction engagements. Employment generation and the promotion of sustainable livelihoods are therefore key facets of environmental CSR programming. One entirely new initiative launched in 2010, which has made a very significant contribution to the local environment is the Banyu Panas (Hot Spring) program in Cirebon.

Starting in 2009, the Rental Mobil Makassar has worked with the local community to establish improved facilities and management of a park with hot springs located in the vicinity of the Palimanan Factory. The springs have for years served the local community as a place to obtain hot water as well as to bathe. There were however, very limited facilities or proper management to encourage the sustainability of this natural resource. Consequently the quality of the environment surrounding the springs had deteriorated quite significantly over the years.